Sharpen Skills

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Incorporating Business Cards in Your Job Search

Do you have a business card?  Every job seeker should.  A business card conveys professionalism, shows that you are prepared, and serves as a convenient way to give your contact information to people you network with in person. No one has to scramble for pen and paper, and there’s no risk your email address or phone number will be jotted down incorrectly. You simply reach in your pocket or briefcase and pull out a business card when someone requests your information.

Tale of Resume Help – Opening Doors or Slamming Them Shut

Cassie, a veteran bank branch manager, lost her job due to company cutbacks. At the time that I met her, she’d already begun applying for positions using the resume she had updated on her own.

Managing Change and Stress – A 21st Century Survival Skill

It’s no secret that the loss of a job ranks near the top of the stress scale and is even more challenging when combined with other significant life events. Numerous factors impact the way people respond to change, which can lead to significantly increased amounts of stress. Embracing the natural process of change and minimizing the impact of stress will contribute to your successful transition, as well as your overall wellbeing.

Using A Networking Brief

Everyone in an active job search needs a resume or CV. Many people need a bio as well, especially when looking to become an independent consultant or do something entrepreneurial.  But, did you know that you also need a Networking Brief? 

Creating Your Brand Image

Today’s marketplace is crowded with competent applicants who have all the pieces. To land a challenging and rewarding career opportunity now, you must rethink your approach. Your brand image is an orchestrated mélange of your attributes, benefits, strengths, drivers, and style designed in harmonious themes that communicate how you are both credible and different as a candidate.

Self Awareness and Interviewing

Preparation for an interview begins well before you get a call. But too often when we get that call, we spend so much time researching the company in order to make a good impression that we don’t spend enough time researching one of the most valuable assets in an interview – ourselves!

Entrepreneur Options – Thought About Buying an Existing Business

You worked a corporate job all your life … 50+ hours a week … steady work for a steady paycheck … but you always had that feeling that your life was being controlled by someone else. And to a degree, you were right! Then one day, you found yourself looking for more.

Creating Professional Resilience

Just as medical CPR can breathe life into bodies, there are things we can all do to improve our career health in the short and long term.  Whether we are in a transition period or managing the development and maintenance of our career, Creating Professional Resilience is critical in today’s world.

Corporate Culture – A Critical Element in Career Decisions

You’ve found a job that you and the hiring manager agree you could do well. You’ve received an offer or expect that an offer might be forthcoming. You’re prepared to negotiate salary and other compensation, start date, title, and other details of the offer. But what about the corporate culture?

Networking Successfully at Events

Networking is about more than one-on-one meetings over breakfast or coffee. A good networking strategy includes attending group events, and some of these can be quite large – and therefore intimidating or overwhelming. A common interest can lead to more in-depth one-on-one conversations.

Negotiating Power – A Matter of Perspective

When people plan to stay in their current jobs, they often assume they wouldn’t be able to earn much more if they leave.  Those considering a move may be convinced that they could increase their earnings quite a bit with a job change.  And, those who are already in the throes of transition may find it hard to believe they merit any salary increase at all or that they can influence the benefits package for a new job. 

Job Search During the Holidays

When the day before Thanksgiving rolls around, you might be tempted to shut down your job search and enjoy the holidays. Nothing will be going on until the first of the year, you presume. Not so fast! There’s nothing wrong with enjoying the holidays, but you do need to stay engaged in your job hunt.