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Exploring Careers of the Future

What are your students capable of? Will they be the next big young entrepreneur? Cultivate your students. BridgePrep provides the tools necessary for students interested in entrepreneurship. Learners will learn from seasoned entrepreneurs. Our Youth Entrepreneurship Initiatives provides schools with a discount. At BridgePrep we think it’s important to provide schools with vital curriculum and students with the knowledge and skills to succeed.

The Apprenticeship Model

In the Exploring Future Careers webinar we talked about entrepreneurs. Many aspiring entrepreneurs would benefit from an apprenticeship model but many entrepreneurs just don’t have the time to spare. 

Must Have Skills for Students in the 21st Century

Excel and PowerPoint is not just a business tool. It is also used by non-profits, education and many other non-business organizations. Most people think that these tools are just for business but they are an important part of the all organizations. 

4 Stages of Competence

Organizations with highly competent employees are better equipped to succeed. Given the tremendous competition and pressure to deliver in today’s global marketplace, it is essential to have highly competent employees. In order for companies to excel they must understand the competence levels of their workforce. The Four Stages of Competence is the process of progressing from incompetent to competent in a skill. 

Cultivating Talent Using the HR Strategy Framework

Employee attrition is a common concern for businesses of all sizes. Commonly, a percentage of this attrition is attributed to workforce retirement. However, in the next five years, retirement will make up a much larger component of the workforce as nearly 62 million members of the US workforce will take leave of their professional jobs. 

Driving Student Success Through Enhanced Career Services

A critical issue for post-secondary institutions is the lack of resources to effectively meet the needs of every student. This assessment makes sense, especially when considering the student population utilizing career services and the number of career services resources.

Creating Competitive Advantage through Talent Development

In highly competitive industries such as consulting, finance and marketing there are significant cost implications as a result of inefficiencies. The most common cost to organizations is employee downtime, time spent researching concepts, not being proficient in required skills, not having immediate access to information, relying on others for critical conceptual information and taking time out to teach core skills. These costs are often overlooked.

Success through Virtual Learning

The average high school student learns the theory of a subject like math, but rarely are students given the exposure necessary to apply such theories. In his bestselling book “Outliers,” Malcolm Gladwell asserted that it takes 10,000 hours to master a skill. The sooner students focus on their careers, the sooner they will reach those 10,000 hours. 

Onboarding Strategies

On-boarding is a process designed to attract and engage new talent, reaffirm their employment decision, acclimate them into the organization’s culture, and prepare them to contribute to a desired level in the shortest possible time. On-boarding can make a considerable difference in a company’s brand, its ability to attract and retain new employees, and decrease the cost of recruitment.

Generation Y – Improve Impact

As Baby Boomers exit out of the workforce approximately 40 million Generation Xers (individuals born between 1965 and 1977) and 72 million Generation Yers (individuals born after 1977) will fill their shoes. It is clear that businesses today cannot thrive without young talent. If businesses are not thriving the economy will become more and more anemic and will inevitably underperform. There is a huge force at play in this equation and that force is Generation Y.