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“I feel wayyyy more confident after going through the courses.”

Justin  l  10th grade  l Arizona

“Why am I just hearing about this. It the Netflix version of learning, you just want to binge.”

Taylor  l  12th grade  l  Georgia

“I’m in 11th grade and I think I will be so far ahead of everyone when I attend college.”

Stephen  l  11th Grade  l  Pennsylvania

“Omg, I feel prepared after finishing my Career Map. My career counselor and I worked through this together.”

Rachel  l  College Freshman  l  Ohio

“BridgePrep you saved me again, I was able to use the skills I learned immediately.”

Claire  l  Marketing  l  Texas

“Students are able to build high quality resumes without format issues. By far the assisted bullet points are the most genius thing I’ve seen in years.”

Nick  l  High School Principal  l  California

“After only 1 week of using BridgePrep I already feel like I’m improving.”

Yung-Hsin  l  College Junior  l  Texas

“#Shoutout to BridgePrep for creating such an awesome product!”

Ben  l  12th Grade  l  Kansas

“To the creators of BridgePrep, thank you. I can’t even begin to share how this has helped me.”

Ahmed  l  11th Grade  l  Minnesota

“This is amazing. I’m starting a company and BridgePrep is a must have. The assessment, business plan and courses. A complete collection for entrepreneurs.”

Yao  l  Entrepreneur  l  California

“I’m starting a company and I’m more of a creative person. Just saying the word financials will have me break out in hives. The business plan and more importantly the financials step by step walk through is a life saver.”

Dominic  l  Working Professional  l  California

“So happy to have discovered BridgePrep for my students. Students are getting great exposure and quickly moving towards becoming proficient.”

Alex  l  11th Grade Teacher  l  Colorado

“My favorite part is the Custom Pathway.”

Dr. Rose-Robinson  l  Business Professor  l  Washington DC

“My son uses BridgePrep and I have to say WOW, the career map is something that I’ve never seen. He has done so much research. Every parent should invest in a career map for their student.”

Ethan  l  High School Parent  l  Texas

“The guided pathway is money!!!”

Roger  l  11th Grader  l  Nebraska

“Sign up today, this is what learning should look like. My students love going through this.”

Kasey  l  High School Guidance Counselor  l  Oregon

“You all are amazing, changing the way learning is done.”

Amie  l  Teacher  l  New York

“I am highly impressed with the quality of the courses. I’ve taken several online courses and nothing comes close to these courses.”

Monty  l  Sales Professional  l  Minnesota

“Learned more from BridgePrep in 6 months than 4 years of college.”

Sarah  l  Marketing Professional  l  Illinois

“For anyone looking to get ahead, BridgePrep is one of the best investments I’ve ever seen.”

Alan  l  Working Professional  l  Louisiana

“What’s nice is the courses are not hours on end. I’ve found myself going through courses multiple times, which I never do. “

Kevin  l  College Freshmen  l  California

“I love the situational learning lessons. I feel like I’m really making these tough decisions.”

David  l  9th grade  l  Arizona

“They have everything in one product. I would have to buy 5 or 6 different products to get everything in BridgePrep. “

Jeff  l  College Junior  l  Florida

“This is amazing!”

Heather  l  9th grade  l  Oklahoma

“I purchased this for my daughter and for the price this is the best online service. I tell all my friends.”

Don  l  Proud Father  l  Washington

“Since I’m in the house all day I’m able to learn tons. I feel like I’m really getting ahead of my peers.”

Jackson  l  11th Grade  l  New Jersey

“Just wanted to say how pleased I am with BridgePrep. Keep up the good work.”

Tamara  l  College Junior  l  New Jersey

“I really dig the Pathways.”

Ivan  l  12th Grade  l  North Carolina

“This is the easiest business plan I’ve ever worked with. All the other ones are complicated and don’t make much sense.”

Brian  l  Start Up CEO  l  California

“I really like the structure, everything is laid out for my students and they can work without those barriers.”

Yvette  l  Principal  l  Ohio

“A wealth of information.”

Randy  l  College Senior  l  Georgia

“They weren’t kidding when they said expert-led. You can tell industry experts are putting this together.”

Reggie  l  Working Professional  l  Michigan

“I just want to take a moment to say how great this site is. They have filtered the information and only provide what’s needed. “

Lawrence  l  Marketing Professional  l  Texas

“Over the years I’ve grown tired of using products that just don’t work. This saves me so much time and is way more effective. “

Jay  l  Teacher  l  Illinois

“You log in and the learning starts, great structure.”

Bella  l  Teacher  l  Maryland

“I would recommend this program to anyone interested in starting their own company.”

Ken  l  Business Owner  l  Virginia

“The profile assessment is great. I printed out the worksheet and use it all the time. By the way I’m a Lion:)”

Olivia  l  10th Grade  l  Kansas

“I enjoy this program because I feel that I am getting inside tips.”

Greg  l  10th Grade  l  Pennsylvania

“My students actually print out the certificates once they complete a course. Everything is so thoughtful. “

Mia  l  Teacher  l  Georgia

“Very impressed.”

Hunter  l  College Senior  l  Oregon

“These courses are very encouraging.”

Ava  l  11th Grade  l  California

“Loved how I have 3 products in one.”

Dennis  l  College Junior  l  Utah

“As a high school student I don’t have time to spend tons of time. I like that I can go through stuff and it doesn’t take forever.”

Charlotte  l  10th Grade  l  California

“We were considering options for our students and we found BridgePrep late in the process. After looking at one demo I knew this was the right choice. It wasn’t close, BridgePrep offered way more that other companies didn’t even have. I couldn’t imagine going with anyone else.”

Harper  l  Principal  l  New York

“The customer service is amazing, it’s like the BridgePrep genius bar.”

Anthony  l  School Administrator  l  Arizona

“Why aren’t all career tools like this? This has everything, I mean everything that I need. “

Sophia  l  12th Grade  l  Missouri

“Comprehensive program for students.”

Liz  l  School Leader  l  South Carolina

“Everytime I log into BridgePrep I walk way feeling smarter.”

Thomas  l  9th Grade  l  Virginia

“I have to admit, I was skeptical but after the first hour I saw my students fall in love. I now see what my colleagues were talking about.”

Madison  l  Teacher  l  Maryland

“I feel like every student across the country and around the world should have access to BridgePrep.”

Brooklyn  l  11th Grade  l  Florida

“I’m a junior at Ohio State University and BridgePrep helped me prepare for my internship. “

Alex  l  College Junior  l  Ohio

“BridgePrep is an amazing and exciting opportunity.”

Dr. Magee  l  Assistant Dean of Student Affairs  l  Washington DC

“My favorite part of the program is seeing the students go through their Career Map and SWOT analysis.”

Troy  l  Student Services Coordinator  l  Washington DC

“Thank you for the most comprehensive product on the web.”

Mikal  l  Parent  l  Connecticut

“I can’t stress enough how valuable BridgePrep is to our students. They beautifully fill the gap with outstanding tools and content.”

Nora  l  Principal  l  Tennessee

“The structure and how it guides students through each critical step is greatly appreciated not only by our students but also by education professionals like myself.”

Sherwin  l  Assistant Director  l  Illinois

“The guided pathways takes out the guess work, this is literally an easy button.”

Connor  l  12th Grade  l  Massachusetts

“BridgePrep helps me find a career that suits my personality and my strengths.”

Ayanna  l  11th Grade  l  Virginia

“BridgePrep helps me with my short and long-term goals.”

Alex  l  12th Grade  l  New Jersey

“I downloaded one of the worksheets within the courses and I use it all the time.”

Marcus  l  11th Grade  l  Michigan