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Paul Oldani

“Always be careful about burning bridges. Always put your best foot forward. Work hard, always be ethical. Do your best and do things the right way. I know that sounds so broad, so general and so cliche, but I do see those things are becoming more and more important as we are moving forward.”
Paul Oldani is a financial industry professional with over 25 years of experience ranging across the trading and brokerage fields.  He began his journey as a runner for Chicago Corp. on the Chicago Board Options Exchange and moved on quickly to join Susquehanna International Group as a stock clerk.  While at Susquehanna, Paul learned the ropes of stock option trading and grew to become a Senior Equity Derivatives Trade/Manager over his 13-year tenure with the firm.  After spending several years trading options off the exchange floor with boutique trading firms PTR Trading and Tradelink in Chicago, he took a slight change of direction from trading and joined the online brokerage OptionsHouse in 2010 as the Trade Desk Manager.  Over the next 7 years, Paul moved from Trade Desk Manager to Vice President of Customer Service as OptionsHouse grew from 15,000 to 160,000 customers and was acquired twice by separate outside parties in a span of 24 months.  Paul is currently the Executive Director of Active Trading Services at a major online brokerage firm with a team of 62 individuals under his arm of the organization.  When not focusing his efforts on the brokerage world, Paul enjoys playing soccer, short-form improv, and performs in a 2-man acoustic band throughout the Chicago-land area.