Social Impact and Empowerment

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Annie Warshaw

“Surrounding myself with smart people was my first priority.”
After experiencing significant abuse at the age of four, Annie, CEO of Smarty Pants Yoga, established her life’s purpose: to make the world a safer, kinder place for girls. At age eight, she wrote a letter to then-president Bill Clinton, asking why there had never been a female president. From there, Annie studied women’s history and ultimately earned a master’s in the field. While in undergraduate and graduate school, Annie led and organized several women’s rights organizations. Following her post-graduate studies, Annie joined Teach For America. As a corps member and teacher, Annie gained firsthand insight on the challenges girls face in academia, including the lack of girl-focused programming.

To remedy this, Annie developed and piloted her own girl-power curriculum. In 2013, she supplemented her original curriculum with yoga because the discipline helped her find a positive inner voice, and she wanted to make this inner cheerleader available to other young women. The same year, the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship named Annie the teacher of the year.

Smarty Pants Yoga equips girls to discover who they are, what they believe, and how to advocate for themselves. Annie co-authored 110 original Smarty Pants Yoga original storybooks along with her business partner, Jill Carey.

Beyond the workday, Annie serves on the  boards of many women-focused organizations, planning events and fundraisers for the likes of the Chicago Alliance Against Sexual Exploitation, Teach for America, Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship  and Chicago Foundation for Women.