Seven Principles

Seven Principles of an Effective Entrepreneurship Education Program

BridgePrep’s content enables mastery of the core concepts of business ownership through thoughtful courses, situational learning, and business planning tools. Through research, we’ve identified seven principles that an effective entrepreneurship education program needs.
Personal Inventory
Individual awareness is the cornerstone of successful entrepreneurship. BridgePrep encourages students to engage in introspection and assists with developing an inventory of their strengths, weaknesses, skills, and blind spots.
Business ownership is filled with uncertainties – and successful business owners can handle that. Our software helps students develop the skills they need to thrive in the face of ambiguity and possibility.
Entrepreneurship is nuanced, and often requires many soft skills that fall outside what many would consider a “business skill.” We help students become aware of those skills and understand what they need to learn to succeed.
Encourage your students to learn from the best by leveraging modules crafted with the insights of industry experts. Our materials inspire with positive examples and cultivate a standard for excellence.
We do more than simply teach students to memorize and recite facts. From creative problem solving to critical thinking, students will engage with interactive lessons that encourage them to approach problems with a strategic attitude.
The business world innovates, but core skills remain the same. Your students will gain a working familiarity with the ins and outs of entrepreneurship so they’re ready to get started upon graduation.
Students will grow and refine their own business interests by working with realistic problems that have multi-faceted outcomes.
Elevate College and Career Readiness to Embrace Student Potential
A 2016 study found that the presence of an entrepreneurship education program significantly enhances the likelihood that students will go on to start their own businesses.
Schools are turning their focus more on preparing students for the realities of their future careers. Entrepreneurial education is becoming as valuable as STEM when it comes to college and career readiness.
Your students are interested in being entrepreneurs. Give them the tools they need to learn how.
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