Situational Learning: Risk-free Experience


Students understanding of various careers are relegated to the occasional class, career fairs, or anecdotal conversations. This limited access to competitive careers is not enough. Students need a more immersive experience to truly get ahead. It is difficult for schools to get the access and resources to provide this type of experience.

The Challenge

Students have to make decision about their career and college major without ever working in the industry. Schools are tasked with building the core skills necessary to succeed like mathematics, reading comprehension, and critical thinking. The idea that the school can provide a comprehensive education on careers is unrealistic. The goal is to have a more informed and well-prepared student by pairing them with industry experts.
Even with apprenticeship and shadowing programs, students are not making decisions. Students need a risk-free environment to make decisions and learn from mistakes. No such environment exists for schools or students.

Why it Matters

The more students know about their career options, the better informed they are as graduation approaches. A more informed student is in a position to make better decisions when it comes to focus and career options. The student can get a better understanding of what career options they want to pursue as well as understand career options they want to avoid. Often these decisions are done without proper investigation. Situational learning is done at top schools like Harvard University and top global companies.

BridgePrep Solution

BridgePrep features situational learning lessons. Our situational learning lessons place students in a real-world situation where they have to make decisions using the knowledge they’ve acquired throughout the course. This learning model has three primary benefits:
1) students have a better idea of real-world problems
2) students move from abstract to concrete understanding of business concepts
3) learning is reinforced with critical thinking
Learning from real-world issues is ideal and what is done in apprenticeship and shadowing programs. The problem with apprenticeship and shadowing programs is they are time consuming and only a few students will have an opportunity to be chosen. With BridgePrep, every student has access to situational learning.