BridgePrep introduces students to business careers. At BridgePrep we transform students into tomorrow’s leaders. BridgePrep Discover is the most comprehensive career readiness tool on the market. BridgePrep Discover offers a personalized Virtual Apprenticeship environment by creating a direct pipeline from global industry experts to students. Students learn practical business knowledge, explore career options and build skill.
We provide the most up-to-date and comprehensive business software available. Only BridgePrep’s software suite matches students with Fortune 500 industry expertise in business to achieve their career goal.

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BridgePrep brings together interactive tools, courses, and guidance needed to provide the best learning experience.

Develop Skill and Knowledge

Learners develop must have skills to prepare for the careers of tomorrow.
Critical Thinking
Business Fundamentals
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What’s in BridgePrep Discover?

Applications designed to help build and maintain a competitive advantage. Click on each Application for additional information.

Comprehensive Curriculum

Our curriculum provides learners with a variety of subjects and courses designed to build skill, knowledge and confidence.

Powerful Administrator Features


91% of Administrators want to gauge learner progress with the goal of improving skill. Administrators have a variety of tools that makes it easy to help learners develop and succeed.

Administrator Features