School Climate: Resource Management


Today, middle and high schools have a tremendous demand. Schools just don’t have enough time. It’s like trying to pack 12 hours of work in an 8-hour work day –it just doesn’t fit. Most vendors either ignore or are oblivious of this.

The Challenge

The challenge for schools is to identify products and services that will help their constituents while managing money and time. It’s a true balancing act that is more of an art than science. Schools cannot achieve their goals without vendors and key partners. The national average for student to guidance counselor ratio is 491 to 1. It is clear that schools need a product that’s resource efficient while delivering results.

Why it Matters

Asking a school to be all things to all people is unrealistic. Schools need vendors to specialize. This specialization results in useful and highly effective products and services. Furthermore, the products and services that vendors provide allow schools to focus on their core competency and not invest time in non-core areas. The time and resource savings are focused on the critical initiatives and student development.
In economics, this is called a comparative advantage. Think about the exchange of money for food. The grocery store is filled with food and beverages. Some people choose a vocation with a salary that they can use to purchase items from the grocery store. There are other individuals in an industry that produce and distribute items to the grocery store. Both parties benefit and when this ecosystem is in balance, it works well. When farmers and distribution centers produce food that’s undesirable to consumers, issues arise.
What we find is vendors offer products and services that are too complicated, too general or designed to fit the organization needs and not the schools. Schools need vendors to create product and services that specialize so that schools and districts can focus on their core competency.

BridgePrep Solution

At BridgePrep, our product is designed precisely with schools in mind. It can be used to supplement limited school resources. BridgePrep can also be used in a blended environment, but we see that schools are choosing to use it as more of a self-paced product where students can develop skills on their own time. With shorter lessons, students can easily fit it into their busy schedule. The software is intuitive and more of a plug-and-play system that requires limited intervention by administrators and teachers.
Teachers can use our Certificates, Resume Builder, Career Maps and Business Plans Generator. Students can submit these for review instead of teaching each element in class.