Confidence through Competence


Often in school and in work, we see that competence directly impacts confidence. Building true competence takes years. This long-term view is hard for middle and high school students to grasp. Many times, students do not know where to start. Students that can focus early are able to achieve competence faster and this competence carries over into career success.

The Challenge

The steps necessary to achieve confidence are difficult for students to determine. Balancing extracurricular activities and homework leaves students with little time to look years, if not decades, into the future. The student that is able to systematically build competency and skill at an early age has a much better chance of competing for competitive careers in the future.

Why it Matters

Competency creates a win-win environment for the employer and employee. Successful companies realize that a strong workforce is a great competitive advantage. In the current climate, most companies do not have the time or resources to invest in training programs. As a result, they want to identify and hire the most competent on the market. Often, companies are willing to pay top dollar for top talent. The competent individual has multiple career opportunities and generally achieves raises and promotions at a faster rate than the average-performing employee. Securing in-demand employment opportunities is one component of having a stable and successful life.

BridgePrep Solution

BrigePrep creates a platform that seamlessly builds competence and prepares students for success. Learning from industry experts with years of experience can help focus on the most relevant skills. This advantage at an early age expands later in life.