Business Plan

Business Blueprint

The business plan is your company’s blue print. At BridgePrep we make it easy to create a business plan that fits your needs. 


Input your personal information.


Categories are the main portions of the business plan. 


Appear under each category, these are the areas that comprise each category.

Business Plan Segment

The Business Plan is where you start to input your content. Notice that the order of the Business Plan reflects the order that you created in the Organize segment.


We walk you through the financials step by step and make it easy for you to create accurate financials. What’s great is our powerful software does all of the calculations, all you have to do is enter your information.

Profit and Loss

Here you will create a profit and loss statement. This is the most important and useful financial statement for small businesses because best represents cash inflow, cash outflow and overall business health.


The publish section provides a snapshot of completed sections. You can also export a PDF version of your Business Plan.