Our Mission is Simple.

Ensure every student has access to a world-class career readiness education.

When it comes to college and career readiness every student has a unique set of interests and skills. BridgePrep’s software holistically prepares students by giving students a comprehensive and personalized career ready toolkit that propels them to the next level.  In addition students face multiple challenges including a lack of expert insight, access and exposure and most schools don’t have the resources to address these challenges. BridgePrep empowers students with a personalized Virtual Apprenticeship environment by creating a direct pipeline from global industry experts and products that are tailored for each student.

Our Story

 Since our inception, we have been dedicated to working to develop the ultimate career preparation tool. Together, our team of industry experts and educators have been collecting indicators of success based on key characteristics, traits, content, market needs, and typical knowledge gaps, to provide a personalized career development tool.  We continue evaluating, refining, and updating our data and methodology to keep up with the ever-changing global economy. BridgePrep was founded in 2008 and is funded by Social Tech Ventures.

Seven Principles

Through research, we’ve identified seven principles that an effective entrepreneurship education program needs. Click here to explore our principles.

The Next Generation of Learning

Schools are tackling this issue alone in many cases and with the modern resources necessary to compete. The average US student to guidance counselor ratio is 491 to 1. Schools need strategic support to make a significant impact on their student body. That’s why at BridgePrep, we provide schools with the best college & career readiness platform so they can fully support all of their students with a comprehensive and expert driven approach. 


If you’d like to see how BridgePrep can help your school or district differentiate college and career readiness for every student, request a personalized demo today!

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