Our Mission & Vision

BridgePrep is dedicated to providing accessible, affordable, and high-quality learning opportunities that meet the needs of individuals pursuing in demand careers. Meeting this mission will change lives and empower career success.

BridgePrep‘s content enables mastery of core concepts and career specific skills. We use a combination of theory and situational learning approaches. We want to remove knowledge and skill barriers and allow individuals to reach their potential. The journey towards a fulfilling and bright career starts now!

Our Story

BridgePrep started as an in-person training company for students. After years of conducting training courses we realized that using technology is the most effective way to impact youth. As a result we transitioned to an online model.
 Since our inception, we have been dedicated to working to develop the ultimate career preparation tool. Together, our team of industry experts and educators have been collecting indicators of success based on key characteristics, traits, content, market needs, and typical knowledge gaps, to provide a personalized career development tool.  We continue evaluating, refining, and updating our data and methodology to keep up with the ever-changing global economy. BridgePrep was founded in 2008 and is funded by Social Tech Ventures.

Seven Principles

Through research, we’ve identified seven principles that an effective entrepreneurship education program needs. Click here to explore our principles.

The Next Generation of Learning

Our curriculum and tools enables a personalized experience that improves results. It’s the first ever integrated learning platform for business and entrepreneurship.


In today’s competitive global market, you need access to information anytime and anyplace. BridgePrep meets that need. Access our software on any internet based computer. You never have to worry about downloads or updates.​

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